API 602 Forged Steel Check Valve

As a professional high-tech manufacturer of industrial valves qualified by ASME, API, DIN, EN, GOST, BS and other international valve standard, we supply API602 Forged Steel Check Valve which is applied to oil and gas, power station, petrol chemical,ship construction, municipal construction and other industrial fields, we are expecting to be your best valve supplier in China.

2. Specification:


NPS 2”-60”








Carbon steel, stainless steel

Applied Medium

Water, Oil, nature gas, and etc


3. Product Features:

A. Our API602 Forged Steel Globe Valve has simple structure, it is convenient for manufacturing and maintenance.

B. Our API602 Forged Steel Globe Valve has short work schedule and short opening and closing time .

C. The seat and valve disc sealing surface of our API602 Forged Steel Globe Valve is made of cobalt based cemented carbide plasma spray welding which has wear resistance and good abrasion resistance

D. This API602 Forged Steel Globe Valve is certified by API602, and can be customized by other standard.

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