Fully Welded Ball Valve, PN16, PN25

Q61F fullly welded ball valve, there will be no external leakage. Processing of the ball valve has advanced computer detector tracking test, so the ball machining precision is high.

As the valve material is same as pipe material, there will be no stress uneven nor deformation when earthquake or vibration caused by the vehicle passing through. Ball valve seal ring adopts RPTFE with 25% carbon, to ensure complete no leakage.

Full weld ball valve can be buried directly underground, full weld ball valve do not need to build large valve wells, simply set up small shallow wells on the ground, greatly saving construction costs and engineering time. According to the pipeline construction and design requirements, ball valve body length and stem height can be adjusted. 

This precision ball valve is very high, operation is light, no bad interference.
Using advanced raw materials, to hold the pressure above PN25.
Compared with similar products in the same industry, the valve body is small, and the appearance is beautiful.
In the condition of regular operation and usage, the service life can be more than 15 years. 

1. Full welded ball valve body is welded by steel pipe.
2. Full welded ball valve seat is reinforced with polyethylene.
3. Full welded ball valve stem with explosion-proof design.
4. Full welded ball valve temperature range:-60℃ -200℃.
5. Full welded ball valve drive mode: manual or worm gear.
6. Full welded ball valve test standard by: API 598.

Fully Welded Ball Valve Drawing


No Name Materail
1 Body Steel ST37.8
2 End Piece Steel ST37.8
3 Ball SS304
4 Seat PTFE+C
5 O-ring VITON
6 Disc Spring Inconel
7 Metal Pad SS304
8 Sealing Gasket PTFE+C
9 Lubricated Bearing PTFE+SPCB
10 Stem 2Cr13
11 Stem Sleeve ST37.8
12 Sealing Gasket PTFE+C
13 O-ring VITON
14 Gland A276-410
15 Locating Pin 2Cr13
16 Handle ST37.8


Fully Welded Ball Valve Structure

Fully Welded Ball Valve Dimensions

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