Steel Pipe for oil cracking process

Crude Oil consists of a mix of various molecules (long and short chain) whereas diesel & gasoline consists mainly of short chain molecules.These long chain molecules if present in transportation fuels can cause charring & inefficient burning.

Therefore, in order to break these long chain molecules into smaller ones (suitable for transportation fuels), different types of cracking( fluidised catalytic cracking, thermal cracking etc.) are used. As a matter of fact, most processes in a refinery aims to break longer chains into smaller ones.These smaller chain molecules have higher cetane or octane number.They burn efficiently and smoothly.Cracking also reduces the viscosity of fuel.

Oil cracked pipe is a kind of seamless steel pipe used in the process of Petroleum cracking and suitable for used in oil, refinery furnace tube, heat exchanger tube and seamless pipeline.

It’s Widely used in the manufacture of structural and mechanical parts, such as petroleum drilling pipe, auto transmission shaft, bicycle frame and construction of steel scaffolding.


The standard:GB9948,is the national standards of oil cracking with seamless steel pipes in CHINA.

GB 9948 petroleum cracking pipe steel grades including:

1)carbon structural steel pipe: 10 #, 20 #

2)alloy structural steel pipe: 12CrMo、15CrMo、12Cr1Mo、12Cr1MoV、12Cr2Mo、12Cr5MoI、12Cr5MoNT、12Cr9MoI、12Cr9MoNT

3) stainless steel pipe: 07Cr19Ni10、07Cr18Ni11Nb、07Cr19Ni11Ti、022Cr17Ni12Mo2

The feature of steel Pipes for Oil Cracking:

1, oil cracking tube can be used to manufacture annular parts such as rolling bearing ring, jack sets, etc.It have improved material utilization, simplified the manufacturing process, saved material and processing time.

2, It is a indispensable materials of kinds of conventional weapons and can be used to made gun, gun barrel.Petroleum cracking tube is divided into circular tube and special pipe by the different shape of cross-sectional area.Due to equal under the condition of the circumference, oil cracking tube area is the largest, which deliver more fluid.

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