Cementing Collar

Mechanical Stage collar allows cementing of casing string in two stages. These collar set the standard for reliability, cost effectiveness, and ease of use with outstanding built-in features and quality. They are the collars of choice when drilling requirements call for proven technology and low risk. The compact, simple design minimizes the number of moving parts and makes the tools easier to handle.
The collar's clear opening and closing indications at the surface accommodate the hydraulic conditions of the well for safer, more efficient operations. The internal sleeves increase reliability and prevent premature opening from formation restrictions on applied pressures.
It reduces total pumping pressure in long casing strings.

Hydraulic stage collar meets the challenges of cementing holes at any angle with a hydraulically opened port system. Stage collar designed specifically for horizontal completion.It is specifically used for Primary cementing in deep vertical or high deviated horizontal-well conditions.
It reduces total hydrostatic pressureon weak formations to prevent lost circulation during cementing.
Clear surface indications of opening and closing pressures provide safer and more efficient operations.
The opening pressure of the stage collar can be adjusted at rig site to meet well requirements, providing operational flexibility.

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