Float Collar & Shoe Non Rotating Type

Non-rotating Float shoe attaches to the end of the casing string, Non-Rotating Float Collar attaches to one or two casing joints above Float Shoe and they are use to stop slurry from flowing back.

Float Collar Shoe serves as the backbone of casing equipment used during primary cementing operations

It guides the casing to total depth and prevents contaminated mud from entering the casing. Also it provides a landing point for casing wiper plugs, reinforces the lower end of the casing string, and ensures greater accuracy of cement slurry displacement.

Non-rotating insert helps to engage the connecting plugs in it and locks the rotation when PDC drill bit is used.


PDC Drillable.
Inverted Poppet valve has greater strength.
Can withstand high temperatures & pressure.
Non-Metallic parts prevent damage to PDC Drill Bit.
Controlled buoyancy-regulated by filling casing cum surface.
It is available in Single & Double Valve design.

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