Pipe end of standard api 5L

A pipe end is the description of how the section of pipe ends. Understanding the end of pipe is important when designing a piping system, since it would be inappropriate for the designer to specify a threaded connection for a large diameter pipe or to specify a welded end when connecting to a threaded component.


THREADED END(TE for short)

thread-end    Typically used on pipe 3" and smaller, threaded connections are referred to as screwed pipe. With tapered grooves cut into the ends of a run of pipe, screwed pipe and screwed fittings can easily be assembled without welding or other permanent means of attachment. In the United States, the standard pipe thread is National Pipe Thread (NPT). The reason for this is that as NPT connections are assembled, they become increasingly more difficult for the process to leak. The standard taper for NPT pipe is 3/4" for every foot.


Threaded fittings have threads that are either male or female. Male threads are cut into the outside of a pipe or fitting, while female threads are cut into the inside of the fitting. As screwed pipe and fittings are assembled, two pieces are pulled together. The distance that is pulled together is called the thread engagement.

When API 5L standard, psl1 can be used only.




A pain end pipe is a pipe that has been cut at 90° perpendicular to the pipe run. The reason pipe would be specified as plain end rather than beveled end is when the pipe will be used in a Socket Weld connection or for use with a Slip-on Flange.


Belled end

When so specified on the purchase order,pipe with specified wall thickness 0.141in.(3.6mm)and less shall be furnished with one end belled for bell and spigot jionts,the belled end shall be visually inspected for workmanship and defects.When API 5L standard, psl1 can be used only.


when so specified on the purchase order,pipe shall be furnished with ends suitable for use with spacial couplings such as Dresser,Victaulic,or other equivalent special coupling.such pipe can be sufficiently free from indentations.projections,or roll marks for a distance of 8 in(203mm)from the end of the pipe to permit proper makeup of coupling.When API 5L standard, psl1 can be used only.

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