Chemical Engineering Seamless Steel Tube

Seamless tube for chemical engineering is mainly applied to chemical fertilizer equipment to generate high temperature and questionable fluid. The representative materials are 16Mn, 12CrMo, 12Cr2Mo, and so forth. Seamless steel pipe for chemical engineering is suitable for your chemical equipment with the important temperature of -40℃ to 400℃ and the working pressure of 10 Ma to 30 Ma. This seamless tube is also applicable to pipelines of high-quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel.

Advantages Seamless Steel Pipe

  • Roller Tube
  • JST adopts advanced pipe rolling mill and pipe billet structure to guarantee high dimension precision and quality surface of seamless tubes and meet the performance requirements of hot rolled finished seamless steel pipes. JST hot rolling machines include φ110 AccuRoll, φ140 Assel and φ273 Diesel makes. The φ110 AccuRoll tube rolling mill features flexible production, wide product range, convenient replacement of varieties and specifications, and wide application. The φ140 Assel tube rolling mill includes annular heating furnace, conical punching machine, Assel pipe mill, 14 sets of three roll micro tension sizing mill, etc. The processing technology of this rolling mill for seamless tube influences international leading flat. The φ273 Diesel rolling mill for seamless steel pipe includes annular heating furnace, conical punching machine, new Assel pipe mill, online heat treatment furnace, 14 sets of three roll micro tension sizing mill, six roll straightening machine, fixed-length pipe cutting machine, inspection, and.
  • Thermal Treatment
  • We own two heat treatment production lines for seamless refills. According to different performance and specifications requirements, we can provide special thermal treatment processing methods to be sure special performance requirements of seamless steel pipe for chemical engineering. The big thermal treatment line deals with pipes with the lifetime of less than 12.5 m (φ114 mm to φ406 mm). May differ output is 150,000 tons. This production line for seamless tube has three process routes including quenching and tempering, normalizing, normalizing and tempering. While modest free-standing airer heat treatment line can process seamless steel pipes together with length of reduce 12.5 m (φ57 mm to φ180 mm). The annual output is 50,000 tons. This production line has two process routes including quenching and tempering and normalizing.

Quality Inspection

  • To assure the quality of seamless tubes, JST configures ultrasonic inspection machine, hydrostatic press, imported joint inspection machine, portable spectrum analyzer, desktop spectrum analyzer, magnetic particle inspection machine, complete mechanical property testing equipment, complete microstructure analysis equipment, a set of API standard gauge and non-standard gauge for seamless oil tubes. We also train a number of operators and inspectors for operating and inspecting seamless steel water pipes.
  • Employee Training
  • To boost the overall quality of staff, JST has relevant trainings each month. Every year, we also invite professionals educate our employees. Our seamless tubes are received and highly appraised by customers both at home and abroad.
  • Processing Properties
  • Hydraulic Test
  • Really should do hydraulic test for each seamless steel pipe. The actual test pressure is 20 MPa. Standup pressure time or pressure stabilized time should be for no less than 10 s. The actual test pressure, seamless tube leakage phenomenon will not consider place. We can also choose eddy current testing magnetic flux leakage inspection to replace hydraulic test.
  • Flattening Test
  • Seamless steel pipes with no outside diameter of greater than 22 mm to 400 mm in order to be carried out with flattening test (except 1Cr5Mo steel pipe). After flattening test, seamless tube sample should be associated with cracks or holes.
  • Flaring Test
  • Based on the requirements of clientele contracts, we do flaring tests for that seamless steel pipes with the wall thickness of only 8 mm. Programs are due to is carried out at room body temperature. The top center taper is 30 °, 45 ° or 60 °. After flaring test, seamless tube sample end up being free of cracks or gaps.


Mechanical Properties of Seamless Steel Pipe for Chemical Engineering

Grade Tensile Strength (Mpa) Yield Point (Mpa) Elongation (%) Impact Force (J)
10 335-490 ≥ 205 ≥ 24 -
20 410-550 ≥ 245 ≥ 24 ≥ 39
16Mn 490-670 ≥ 320 ≥ 21 ≥ 47
15MnV 510-690 ≥ 350 ≥ 19 ≥ 47
12CrMo 410-560 ≥ 205 ≥ 21 ≥ 55
15CrMo 440-640 ≥ 235 ≥ 21 ≥ 47
12Cr2Mo 450-600 ≥ 280 ≥ 20 ≥ 38
10MoWVNb 470-670 ≥ 295 ≥ 19 ≥ 62
1Cr5Mo 390-590 ≥ 195 ≥ 22 ≥ 94
12SiMoVNb ≥ 470 ≥ 315 ≥ 19 ≥ 47

1. When we use 12CrMo steel to produce seamless tubes (The outside diameter is not more than 30 mm and the wall thickness is more than 3 mm.), the yield point is allowed to reduce 10 MPa. For other grades of seamless steel pipes (the wall thickness is 16 mm to 40 mm), the yield point is also allowed to reduce 10 MPa.
2. We can provide seamless tubes with the outside diameter of 8 mm to 340 mm and the wall thickness of 1mm to 60 mm.

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