Mechanical Seamless Steel Tubing

  • ASTM A 53 Group of standard especially applicable for black and hot-dipped, zinc-coated, welded and seamless mechanical steel pipes.
  • ASTM A519 This standard is perfect for seamless carbon steel and alloy mechanical steel tubing.
  • JIS G3441 Its applicable for alloy mechanical steel pontoons.
  • JIS G3444 This standard is beneficial to carbon steel tubes for general structural purposes.
  • JIS G3445 That applied to carbon steel tubes for machine structural purposes (mechanical steel tubing).
  • DIN 2391 This standard is well fitted for seamless precision mechanical steel pipes.
  • EN10305 May be applicable for steel tubes for precision applications and seamless cold drawn tubing.
  • EN 10210 This standard would work for seamless structural steel pipes (especially for mechanical steel tubing).

Main Steel Grades of Mechanical Steel Pipe JST can provide various grades of mechanical steel tubings for customers. The details are as follows:

  • ASTM A 53: Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, Type F, Type E
  • ASTM A519: 1010-1045, 4130-4142, 5135
  • JIS G3441: SCM 415 TK, SCM 418 TK, SCM 420 TK, SCM 430 TK, SCM 435 TK, SCM 440 TK
  • JIS G3444: STKM 11A, STKM 12, STKM 13, STKM 14, STKM 15, STKM 16, STKM 17, STKM 18, STKM 19, STKM 20
  • DIN 2391: St30Si, St30A1, St35, St45, St52
  • EN10305: E235, E355
  • EN 10210: S235JRH, S275J0H, S275J2H, S355J0H, S355J2H, S275NH, S355NH, S275NLH, S355NLH

Uses of Mechanical Steel PipeMechanical steel tubing can be used as seamless steel tube with general structure and mechanical structure.

  • Size Range

Outer Diameter: Hot finish: 2" - 30", Cold drawn: 1.875" - 18"
Wall Thickness of Mechanical Steel Pipe: Hot finish: 0.250" - 4.00", Cold drawn: 0.035" - 7.875"
Time Mechanical Steel Tubing: Random Length, Fixed Length, SRL (Single Random Length), DRL (Double Random Length)

  • Advantages

JST owns advanced rolling computers and technology. Under this technology, we can control the allowable size deviation around the standard range, even lessen allowable tolerance range. Were also inside a position provide other specifications of mechanical steel pipes based customers' wants.
Fully understand configure fixed-length cutting models. We can cut mechanical steel tubings very popular the fixed length needed by our customers and be sure the cutting detail.
JST possesses micro oxidation or non-oxidation thermal treatment furnace with the furnace temperature within 5℃.

There isn't an oxide layer on top of mechanical steel water lines. This also ends in high-quality surface, smooth surface and stable performance of pipes.
Iwowwee mainly does many inspections for mechanical steel tubing, such as chemical component analysis, mechanical properties (ultimate tensile strength, yield strength, elongation), technical properties (flattening test, flaring test, bending test, hardness test, blow test, impact test, etc.) and exterior size inspection.
JST also configures a professional physical and chemical testing center specialist testing and technical personnel, and international advanced testing equipment for testing mechanical steel pipes (mechanical steel tubings). Have got German full spectrum direct-reading spectrometer, Japan metallurgical microscope, impact testing machine, tensile testing machine, computer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine as well as a variety of machine accessories.

They can do tensile, flaring, flattening, curling and other physical tests for the mechanical steel pipe whilst to guarantee its stable performance.
Delivery of Mechanical Steel TubingWe deliver our products in pursuing states, for BKS, NBK, BK, BKW, GBK (+A), NBK (+N), BK (+C), and such. (BKS: cold finished and stress-relieved; BK: cold finished; BKW: cold finished (soft); GBK (+A): annealed; NBK (+N): normalized; BK (+C): cold finished (hard)).
Packaging of Mechanical Steel PipeJST packages mechanical steel tubings with plastic plugs in each side. We use hexagonal bundles of pipes (max. 2, 000 kg) with several steel strip. Two tags take prescription each combine. We can also wrap products in waterproof paper, PVC sleeve and sackcloth essential steel bunches.

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