EN10216-2 Seamless Steel Tubes for Pressure Equipment

EN10216-2: Seamless Non-Alloy and Alloy Steel Tubes for Pressure Purposes with Specified Elevated Temperature Properties

Standard: EN10216-2

EWO can provide various grades of seamless steel pipes, such as P195GH, P235GH, P265GH, 13CrMo4-5 and 10CrMo9-10.
Manufacturing: The tube billet deoxidization associated with seamless tube for pressure equipment uses full killed steel.

Applications EN10216-2 non-alloy and alloy seamless steel pipe is mainly used as boiler water tube, smoke tube, superheater tube, air preheater tube, etc. It is also utilized to produce pipeline, container, equipment, pipe fittings, and such.

Dimension Range of EN10216-2 Seamless Tube

Outside Diameter (O.D.): 10.2 mm to 711 mm
Wall Thickness (W.T): 1.6 mm to 100 mm
Max. Length (Length Max): 12000 mm

Advantages of EN10216-2 Seamless Steel Pipe

Heat Treatment
Seamless tubes for pressure equipment enter into micro oxidation and non-oxidation thermal treatment furnace. After heat treatment, this furnace can within the pipe surface smooth and reach no oxidation state, and extend the usage life of it seamless steel pipe.
Performance Control

According to customers’ requirements, JST seamless tubes for pressure equipment can do flaw detections. We additionally be provide inspection reports if customers request.
JST configures multiple inspection machines for seamless tubes, pertaining to instance British UNICORN ultrasonic joint inspection machine, magnetic particle testing machine, eddy current testing machine and provides professional inspectors. Inspection personnel are trained and take the appropriate qualifications for testing seamless steel pontoons.

Technical specifications

Mechanical Properties of EN10216-2 Seamless Tube

Standard Steel Grade Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength (Mpa) Yield Strength (Mpa) Elongation (%) Impact Energy (J)
EN 10216-2 P195GH 320-440 ≥195 ≥27 ≥40
P235GH 360-500 ≥235 ≥25 ≥40
P265GH 410-570 ≥265 ≥23 ≥40
13CrMo4-5 440-590 ≥290 ≥22 ≥40
10CrMo9-10 480-630 ≥280 ≥22 ≥40

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