Pipe Threading

Tube threading must have an unusual thread form, dimension precision and roughness, so that it will realize tight junction after adopting high-class thread compound and tightened by the fasten machine. Pipe threading should be in right-handed rotation and be in agreement with API Spec 5B dimension and tolerance requirements.

You will find tube threading and non-threading for tube. The former one adopts joint connection while the latter one uses butt welding remedy connect with the toll joint. Pipe threading is widely used to convey water, gas, oil different fluids.
Production Line JST tube threading production line is configured with two advanced QK1319-G CNC casing threading lathes and three sets of Q1334H CNC tubing threading lathes. These types of featured with high precision and high stiffness. This pipe threading production lines are also equipped with three advanced domestic hydrostatic pressure fitness equipment.

They are with the test specification of φ60 mm to 406 mm and with the test pressure reaching 120 MPa. There's also two sets of pipe end magnetic particle inspection machines for tube threads. They can test crack defects with this report and outside surface that are 500 mm far from your pipe end. We process 180,000 a great casings and 70,000 tons of tubings every year.
Technological Process of Pipe ThreadingFeeding-Threading (Female Thread End)-Thread Inspection-Upper Coupling (Pre-twisting Machine)-Screw-on Machine-Drift Diameter-Tube Threading (Male Thread End)-Thread Inspection-Install Outer Protection Ring- Install Inner Protection Ring-Length Measuring and Weighing-Spray Mark-Spray Paint-Brush Paint on Coupling Stock-Brush Color Ring-Collection-Packaging.

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