Oil steel tube

Oil steel tube is mainly used in petroleum companies. JST steel pipe for oil and coal includes drill pipe, tubing, casing, coupling stock, line pipe, and so found on. Tubing is a pipe that transports crude and propane from the hydrocarbon zone to the pipe on his or her earth surface after exploration.

It is mainly used in oil wells for extracting petroleum and natural the price of gasoline. Casing is a type of steel tube used for supporting the wall of oil and gas sufficiently. This steel pipe is typically used to enclose and surround a carrier pipe installed in the center of this pipe. Coupling stock is mainly applicable in the manufacture of pipe couplings. Drill pipe is a kind of steel tube with screw thread in the pipe end.

It is utilized for connecting ground rig equipment and drill grinding equipment at the bottom of drilling wells. Line pipe is a type of steel pipe that is manufactured from high strength carbon steel. This steel tube can be previously used to build pipelines that transport a variety of resources including natural gas, oil, petroleum and water within petroleum and natural gas industry.

  • API 5CT: casing and tubing
  • BS EN ISO 11960: steel pipes used as casing or tubing for wells in petroleum and natural gas industries
  • NF M87-207: steel tubes used as casing or tubing for wells in petroleum and gas main industries
  • JIS G3439: seamless steel oil well casing, tubing and drill pipe
  • We mainly produce grades of steel pipes for oil and gas, such as H40, J55, K55, N80, C75, L80, C90, T95, Q125, and so forth.
  • There two standards for line pipes, including API SPEC 5L and GB/T9711. JST mainly manufactures grades of steel tubes as follows:
  • 1) PSL1: A/L210, B/L245, X42/L290, X46/L320, X52/L360, X56/L390, X60/L415, X65/L450, X70/L485
  • 2) PSL2: L245N/Q, L290R/N/Q, L320N/Q, L360N/Q, L390N/Q, L415N/Q, L450N/Q, L485N/Q

Advantages of Steel Pipes for Gas and oil

  • JST possesses two heat treatment production lines for steel tubes, configured with advanced heating unit. Difference in temperature in the furnace is as compared to or adequate to 5℃, ensuring stable heating temperature. Along with inside spray and outside showering rotating cooling system, this line can guarantee water quenching of the API tubing cools evenly.
  • Two Siemens electronic-controlled six roll straightening machines ensure that the straightness of seamless steel pipes after heat technique. There are mainly two production specifications of steel tubes. One particular is whilst outer diameter of φ114 mm to 406 mm and the space less than or add up to 13.5 m, and another one along with outer diameter of φ48 mm to 180 mm and the space less than or mean 12.5 b. The annual productions of steel pipes for gas and oil prices are 150,000 tons and 50,000 tons respectively.
  • We own professional tubing and casing thread production group. The line is equipped with petroleum hydrostatic checks. We can process 35, 000 countless oil steel tubes (φ 60.3 mm to 180 mm) and 180, 000 tons of casings regularly.
  • To assure good quality of our steel pipes, our company adopts advanced production and testing equipment from domestic and in a different country. We own two domestic ultrasonic inspection machines, two sets of hydrostatic press, imported joint inspection machines, portable optical spectrum analyzer, desktop spectrometer, magnetic particle inspection machine, complete mechanical property testing equipment, complete metallographic structure analysis equipment, a full set of API standard gauge and non-standard gauge for seamless steel tubing.
  • JST also attaches great importance to personnel selection and training. 1 operating the inspection equipment must pass JST exam and obtain the work license to enjoy the manufacture of steel water pipes. To enhance the overall quality of staff, JST has relevant trainings daily. Every year, we also invite professionals educate our associates.

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