EN 10297-1 Seamless Circular Steel Tubes

EN 10297-1: Seamless Circular Non-Alloy and Alloy Steel Tubes for Mechanical and General Engineering Purposes

Standard: EN 10297-1
Manufacturing: The steel of seamless round steel pipe is normalizing steel that adopts normalizing rolling technological innovation.

Applied Range EN 10297-1 seamless circular tube is often used in processing machinery, automobile, ship and other spare parts. It can also be used considering steel structure of general engineering and used as hydro-cylinder (oil cylinder) and guide tube in cold drawing digest. This round steel pipe is also utilized offer ordinary fruit juice.


  • Heat Treatment
  • EN 10297-1 seamless circular tube enters in the micro oxidation and non-oxidation thermal treatment furnace specially configured by JST. The furnace temperature reaches the mandatory heat treatment temperature and will not exceed 5℃, which helps pipe acquire smooth surface and stable performance. Top is in non-oxidation location.
  • Length
  • JST can provide seamless round steel pipes with the required length. Our fixed-length cutting machines can trim seamless circular tubes within the customers’ requirements and be sure that the length accuracy of conduits.
  • Qc
  • Iwowwee employs professional inspection qualified professionals. They are trained and get proper qualifications for testing pipes. Besides, JST production process is compared to PDCA circular total quality management system (TQMS). We strictly control the production process of seamless round steel pipes, ensure all parameters adapt the requirements of customers and standards, and provide high quality and stable seamless circular tubes.
  • Perform a connected with inspections for pipes in respect to clients’ requirements, such as eddy current inspection, magnetic powder inspection, magnetic flux leakage inspection, ultrasonic joint inspection, quite a few. JST can also provide inspection reports of round steel ink cartridges.

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