Large diameter pipe

Excessive diameter pipe is used for low-pressure process piping plus drains. Large diameter carbon steel pipe can reach to be 48 inch diameter pipe, is easily welded and could be machined and drilled for fabrication purposes. Large diameter transfering is sized by diameter and wall thickness and fat per foot. An example would be 18 x ¼ x 47.39 would be an 18 inch pipe, along with a ¼ inch wall weighing 47.39 pounds per foot.

Our carbon aluminum pipe is generally used in divesified cycle plants within the above-grade portions for the circulating water circle. 300 series stainless steel pipe, most known to be 316L and 304, are used in many different applications by aquatic treatment plants. Home loan houses stainless pipe that will date by Dixie-Southern has been installed on underground recently inside the two ozone management plants in Orlando.

We are focused on pipe production for your oil and propane sector. We is suffering from a capacity of 100,000 tons per 12 months and manufactures Linepipe by 3RB processes (straight seam equipped with double submerged arc welded pipe generated by three cruise bending).

In addition toward 3RB and Get out of hand pipe, the Europipe group’s pipe generators offer Linepipe published by UOE option (straight seam twice submerged arc welded pipe manufactured created by "UOE" (U-ing, O-ing, Expanding process) due to Europipe's facilities.

All carbon chrome effect pipe is fabulous and coated to our dedicated shot & paint area. All stainless steel and conduit is passivated from site in ample troughs or using topical application.

We perform on-site testing as got on all generous diameter pipe, not to mention radiography, magnetic particle, Charpy impact, vacuum, holiday/dry-film thickness, ultrasonic, tensile, pressure, hydro, dye and nectar penetrate, Brinell hardness, air and post-weld heat treatment.

Customers have the particular option to decide from a ton of coatings as well as linings, including; fossil fuel tar epoxy, vinyl, enamel, rubber lining, alkyd, zinc, place urethane, chromates, silicates, phenolic and a special adhessive.

  • 3 micron diameter water pipe
  • 5 centimeter diameter television
  • 7 centimeter diameter conduit
  • 10 within diameter television
  • 12 crawl diameter hose
  • 18 ins diameter tube
  • 24 crawl diameter direction
  • 36 " diameter conduit

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