Pipe upsetting

Pipe upsetting, also called tube upsetting, is a procedure to use pressure to shorten the billet height and enlarge the diameter (lateral dimension). It will be the basic forming method inside plastic forming procedure. Following this process, our steel pipes acquire high strength and long service life. We also avoid joint fantastic.

  • Production LineJST pipe upsetting production lines are configured with three GTR120/160 medium frequency induction heating furnaces, one 630-ton tube upsetting machine then one auxiliary machine. Common actions like process 20,000 heaps of tubings and 10,000 tons of drill pipes annually.
  • Technological Process of Pipe UpsettingSteel pipes are sent to your induction furnace. Substantial driven by induction furnace trolley and thereafter can be heated by the air conditioner. This tube upsetting process might include twice or 3x heating. When the temperature is reached, pipes are chosen the upsetting bike. The hold-down cylinder will press the pipe body and moves toward make the end of steel pipes become thicker. As stated in technical requirements, it's do pipe upsetting several times to thicken pipe end diameter. At last, we do polishing for the outside burrs and inside burrs. The tube upsetting process is thus finished.

Technological Features

  • Pipe upsetting easily produces some defects.
  • 1) Bend and Skew Caused by the followings:
  • a particular. During the tube upsetting process, the ratio of length and diameter is more than 2.5-3.
  • y. The end surface is not perpendicular to the pipe axis.
  • g. The hitting power is not straight.
  • chemical. Pipe billet is not heated uniformly or unevenly.
  • 2) Surface Cracking and Folding
  • If you do pipe upsetting for that curved billets that aren't straightened timely, they turn into more curved and even not best with tube unpleasant. Going on straightening will result in serious cracking on the bending element. The dimension of some pipe materials meets the kind of requirements, nevertheless the surface isn't smooth with obvious hammered imprinting. Whenever we do pipe upsetting, may be easy to result in folding.


  • Inside tube upsetting process, precisely length and diameter ought to less than 2.5.
  • The finish surface ought to perpendicular towards the pipe axis. The forging force ought to straight. The pipe upsetting force in order to be big enough otherwise interlayer will sometimes formed.
  • Overlook the importance need to think about the metal plasticity and control its deformation magnitude. For the metal higher hardness, strong tube upsetting can easily cause longitudinal crack.

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