That you to meet the customers' requirements of dimension and quality, we also do reprocessing of our seamless steel pipes. Pipe dressing is just a reprocessing procedure to make rolled products to meet relatively minimalist . performance and requirements of technical conditions. It can be known as precision finishing and includes inspection, cutting, straightening, printing, assort packing, etc.

  • Production Equipment JST pipe dressing equipment covers 14 groups of three roll micro tension sizing mills, six roll straightening machine, pipe cutting machine, inspection machine, and so upon.
  • Technological Process of Precision FinishingStraightening-Cut to Length-Non-destructive Inspection-Dimension Inspection-Surface Inspection-Drift Diameter Inspection-Hydrostatic Test-Varnishing-Marking-Packaging-Dispatching

Features of Pipe Dressing

  • Selecting seamless steel pipes have different precision finishing methods. Total one includes straightening, cutting, heat treatment, inspection, test, printing, weighing and labels. The final procedure of pipe dressing for hot-rolled seamless tube includes measuring, weighing, spray marking and packaging.
  • After pipe dressing, our seamless steel pipes have high straightness and good surface quality. But a new consequence of expansion caused by heat and contraction caused by cold, the outside diameter of pipe improve a little after precision finishing.
  • Pipe Dressing ProcessDifferent varieties of steel pipes own different precision finishing processes, such as cutting, acid-pickling, heat treatment, flattening, straightening, therefore.

Dressing Process for General Pipes

  • Hot Rolling-Cooling- Straightening- Initial Inspection-Cutting-Inspection-Grinding-Testing-Packaging-Putting into Storage
  • Pipe Dressing for Casing
  • Hot Rolling-Cooling-Straightening-Initial Inspection-Cutting-Heating and Quenching -Tempering-Sizing-Straightening-Non-destructive Inspection-Pipe Cutting-Threading-Twisting-Hydrostatic Testing- Spreading Rust Inhibitor-Putting into Storage
  • Precision Finishing Process for Drill Pipe
  • Hot Rolling-Cooling-Straightening-Initial Inspection-Cutting-Pipe End Heating -Pipe End Thickening-Straightening-Non-destructive Inspection-Pipe End Treatment-Joint Welding-Removing Burrs- Weld Seam Heat Treatment and Inspection-Threading-Twisting-Putting into Storage
  • Pipe Dressing for Bushed Bearing
  • Hot Rolling-Cooling-Heat Treatment-Straightening-Cutting-Inspection-Grinding-Putting into Storage

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